Water Rates:

The District’s Board of Directors held a public hearing on the proposed rates on July 8, 2021. The District received 2 letters of protest increasing the water rate.After the Public Hearing the Board was faced with a tough decision, to be financially responsible and prudent with reserves, the Board of Directors approved to increase the water rates by $0.80.The new water rate is $7.28 per 748 gallons.

Sewer Rates:

The District’s Board of Directors held a public hearing on the proposed rates on July 8, 2021.The District received 2 letters of protest increasing the sewer rate.The District was faced with a $0.39 per unit increase in sewer charges from NSMCSD effective July 1, 2021.In addition, the District had a shortfall of $0.04 from a rate increase back in July 2018 when the District had a $0.54 increase from the NSMCSD, but only passed a $0.50 increase to its customers.After the public hearing the Board approved to pass on the $0.43 per unit increase with no additional charge by the District.The new sewer rate is $10.30 per unit applied to the amount of water consumed during January-February 2021 meter reading to determine the annual sewer charge collected on the upcoming property tax roll.

Meter Rates:

On July 8, 2021, the District held a public hearing to consider an increase of water meter service charge by 120%. The District received 4 letters of protest increasing the meter rate.The meter charge, which is based on the size of the water meter, is used to recover the District's fixed costs for providing water service, including billing and administrative services, meter reading, maintenance of water mains, water tanks, meter replacement, and necessary capital improvements.The District plans to make the water system more reliable by undertaking much needed seismic improvements and tank recoating for Skyline Tank no. 3.Since the District does not have any bonds or financing to pay for these improvements, the rate increase was needed to pay for the estimated 1.3 million task.Please refer to our website for a list of the approved meter rates: https://www.westboroughwater.org/rates

We understand the frustration you may feel when you are asked to conserve water and are still told rates will increase. Many of the District’s costs, including delivery infrastructure maintenance are fixed and are not reduced when customers conserve water. In other words, as you conserve water, our revenue declines while expenses remain the same or increase.

All the rate increases are effective July 1, 2021.