Don’t let your money run down the drain! Make sure to fix all leaks today and save!

Are you aware that your sewer service charge for the entire fiscal year is STILL based on how much water you use during the January and February meter reading period? YES! can still have control of how much your sewer charges will be for the next fiscal year! Minimum annual sewer charge of 12 units applies (or 2 units per base period x 6 billing periods).

Lowering you sewer charges is easy to do, but must be done NOW! All YOU have to do is reduce YOUR water usage as much as YOU can from January 2 through March 3, 2020 (meter reading is dependent on weather conditions). The sewer charges on your annual property tax bill for fiscal year 2020/2021 will reflect YOUR savings based on the amount of water YOU have conserved during the Jan-Feb. 2020 period (12 unit minimum annual sewer charge applies).

NOW is the time to check all household plumbing fixtures and repair those that are leaking. Leaky faucets and silent toilet leaks can cause your water bill and sewer service charge to MORE THAN DOUBLE. You can easily check your residence for plumbing leaks by using a free packet of toilet dye strips from our office.

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